Maria Antonio Children
and Women Foundation

(Maria Antonio Children and Women Foundation)

MACWOF was started in 1999, by Dr. Deogratias Ssonko to Improve on the health and education of Rural and Slum Children and Women In Uganda.

Macwof is a Chrristian Voluntary Foundation based in the Republic of Uganda that has so far been established in four districts with the help of a number of devoted members.

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We are undertaking the task of improving of regional or village wells or water springs/fonts.


Animal husbandry (Cattle, Goats, Pigs, Fish and Chicken) and Farm Gardens for Cereals and Fruits


We Want to Empower Rural and Slum Children and Women through Education.

Here are a few facts

In most slums and villages cows and other animals drink from the same source as the people and this eventually causes several hygienic problems especially: Cholera, dysentery etc.

In slum areas, several families drain their toilets through the same water sources which causes greater harm.

We want to improve on this situation beginning with school children and those areas that are most densely populated in the slums and rural areas.

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